Fiberglass Pipes & Fittings

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Fiberglass Pipes & Fittings

FIBERPLAST offers Fiberglass pipes of high reliability. FIBERPLAST offer hand-lay-up and filament wound pipes as per the pressure rating requirement of our customers. We offer these pipes from various resin systems like Polyester, Vinyl ester, Epoxies, Furanes, Phenolics ---etc , as per service requirements.

A l-Mathail Offers pipes and fittings as per any design code like BS,PS-15-69, ASTM-D, AS-2634 section 3, AWWA C 950, AWWA M 45, IS, DIN.

Al-Mathail also offers dual laminated pipes and fittings with liners like PP, PP-H, PVC, C-PVC, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA –etc.

We fabricate special fittings like strainers, perforated headers, Flanged headers with branches, pond-spray system----etc as per customer requirement with the right resin system.

Our pipes and fittings exhibits the following characteristics:-

- Thick conductive –corrosion protective layer inside prevents corrosion and the smooth inner finish provides excellent hydraulic properties, which, in turn, reduces the pumping friction and cost.

- Colored finish on outside as per your choice. No additional coating of any type or cathodic protection is required further.

- Processed with Fire retardant and U-V- protection additives
- Exhibits high strength to weight ratio.

- Supplied in longer lengths and easy to install due to comparatively less weight when compared to other counter parts ( Apprx. 5 times lesser than steel pipe )

- Fabricate from the right resin system compatible to the service.

- Supplied with design, stress-analysis and pipe supports. ( For package offers )

- Our pipes are joint-friendly and no chance of penetration or infiltration from inside or outside.

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