Fiberglass process Equipments

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Fiberglass process Equipments

Our technology transfer arrangement with reputed firms well established in the international market enable us to fabricate chemical process equipments as per customer requirement. Al-Mathail can undertake the fabrication of FRP Chemical process equipments as per any standards like ASTM, ASME, AS, JIS, BS---etc. We fabricate the equipments in any resin system depending upon the service requirements complete with all accessories and internals. The Equipments can be in Pure FRP (Thermosetting plastic) or dual laminate with liner material.

Al-mathail process equipments exhibits the following general properties. - These are highly corrossion resistant. - Can withstand higher temperatures ( Based on design & MOC ) - Suitable for vacuum and pressure conditions. - High impact and abrasion resistant. - Can easily be maintained and repaired.

Al-Mathail undertake Maintenance on fiberglass chemical process equipments like partial repair of damaged portions, in kind replacement of any type of fiberglass or thermoplastic internals ---etc.

Al-Mathail also undertake FRP lining and Fluro-carbon lining on process equipments with internals and accessories.

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