Fiberglass storage tanks

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Fiberglass storage tanks

FIBERPLAST offers wide range of fiberglass tanks for water and chemical storages. Basically FIBERPLAST fabricate tanks in horizontal and vertical type. We fabricate tanks for underground installation like septic tanks and tanks for transportation (Road tankers).
Apart from that we supply fiberglass panel tanks of rectangular type.
For cylindrical tanks we have wide range of diameter options to suit the site. All accessories for bigger tanks like railings and access ladders are fixed as optional.

The material of construction is GRP in suitable resin system depending upon the purpose. The external resin system will vary depending upon the environment of the installation site. For areas with vulnerability to corrosion, we provide suitable chemical resistant coating on the exposed walls of the tank.

For water storage purpose we provide tanks with Food grade resin system and for chemical storage purpose we provide suitable resin system depending upon storage material.

Apart from FRP/GRP tanks, we can fabricate dual laminate tanks with thermoplastic liners like PP, CPVC, PVC, PVDF----etc. We fabricate such tanks as per customer specifications or as per the relevant standards. The type of such tanks can be horizontal or vertical as per your requirement. As mentioned earlier we have technical alliance with reputed legends in the field of composites with approval from many international consultancies. We can provide design and consultancy services from that back-up.

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