Industrial Products.

Air Freight Forwarding


we can fabricate any type of FRP and Plastic lined FRP products as per customer requirements. Apart from that we can even undertake the scope of design, preparation of drawings, logistic supports, site erection—etc. of any FRP or dual laminated FRP equipment as per the relevant international standard.

- FRP and dual laminate (With liner) chemical storage tanks.
- FRP transportation tanks.
- FRP and dual laminate (With liner) process and reaction vessels.
- FRP and dual laminate Tail Gas absorption and stripping towers for corrosive gases and bleach liquor towers with complete internals and packing.
- FRP and dual laminate (With liner) pipes, fittings, spools and strainers.
- FRP pollution control equipment like blowers and related accessories.
- FRP Corrosion resistant lining.
- FRP Gratings, platforms, ladders etc.
- FRP panel tanks.
- FRP Spray shields for flanges.

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